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We want to hear from you

Date: March 30th, 2021

We have already identified a number of themes to pursue from the multiplicity of current challenges and opportunities facing borderless higher education and we welcome your comments on them and suggestions to add to them – this list is of course suggestive rather than exhaustive: 

  1. How are outward mobility programmes addressing the challenges of current contexts and issues of equity and the changing demographics of students in some countries?

    1. New Colombo versus the UK’s new Turing programme

    2. Erasmus Plus or Minus from an outbound point of view.  What happens next?

    3. Changes in visa and immigration policies – will post study work incentives re-invigorate mobility?

    4. Study abroad close to home - an increasing trend in international education

  2. The rise of the digital professor. Changing expectations about the attributes and skills of faculty, supporting developments in pedagogy and digital literacy and competence.

  3. Waving or drowning in data. The dam busting surge in online delivery - but are the metrics designed to measure effectiveness of on campus learning the right ones here and are metrics sustainable over time anyway?

  4. Blended learning the ’new normal’? Merriam Webster definition ”blend implies that the elements as such disappear in the resulting mixture”.   How will quality assurance agencies react? Facilitate implementation or ramp up regulation in a blended world?

  5. Step up TNE? with students prevented from moving to study are we seeing a rush back to local delivery? Has TNE‘s time come? 

  6. Whither pathways. Are we talking hybrid and a rise in partnerships? Who has the expertise and how is it shared?

  7. Recognition of digital learning.  Will temporary recognition of credits and qualifications through remote learning be retained or will authorities revert to suspicion about quality and backtrack on approval?

Please send you suggestions to [email protected]