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Update on The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE)

Date: March 30th, 2021

The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE) since its beginning twenty years ago has been hosted by a number of different bodies - the Association of Commonwealth Universities, I-graduate and Tribal - which provided administrative structure for its independent research function. It is now ’moving house’ to the Institute of Leadership and Management.

The Observatory has always demonstrated two crucial qualities - independence and a global perspective - to provide unbiased comparative analyses of trends and developments. These have been provided by researchers and contributors contracted for individual projects and reports under the eye of a Director and an Advisory Board. The membership of the Board has been remarkably stable although by no means static as the world has changed, and similarly over the years four different Directors have provided continuity for our values.  In recent years the Observatory has walked the walk of borderlessness, operating virtually and most recently with associates located in 5 countries and 3 continents. 

As Board members we are confident that these qualities and values will be maintained with the Institute of Leadership & Management as our host and we are excited about tackling again the world of borderless education in these times of critical and pivotal change. OBHE will act both as a voice reflecting the sector in all its richness and diversity and also be its critical friend.

We look forward to your input to reinstate the flow of content across borders - national, sectoral, time and space.  We encourage contributions on our themes in the form of news stories and insights and perspectives from your institutions, organisation, country or region as well as suggestions for research, research proposals and reports.  These should be sent initially to [email protected] and should of course maintain the best principles of unbiased and ethical research.

The Observatory‘s borderless and inclusive community spans academics and professional staff, sector and government bodies, researchers, consultants, commentators, start-ups to unicorns, ancient institutions to the youngest organisations.  Whether you wish to reflect or are intent on shaping the future of borderless higher education we encourage you to join the community and contribute. 



Dr Perry Hobson

Advisory Board

William Archer

Sir Drummond Bone

Carolyn Campbell OBE