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#BorderlessConversations Episode 4 | Recognising Digital Learning

Date: August 9th, 2021

The implications of replacing face-to-face learning with virtual alternatives have been extensive and well-documented, but much of the analysis to date has focused on the learner experience. Join us in this week's #BorderlessConversation to discuss the ramifications for assessment and recognition, and whether in a 'post-Covid world' the new freedoms we have enjoyed are likely to remain or be curtailed.

In #BorderlessConversations Episode 4, Kate Cooper & Perry Hobson will be joined by Jon Baldwin, Managing Director of Higher Education at Jisc. Jon is responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing Jisc's Higher Education membership engagement strategy, and works closely with senior sector stakeholders and internal product development leaders to ensure the sector's needs are reflected in Jisc's portfolio.

Professor Perry Hobson is currently Global Engagement Lead and Professor of Tourism at Sunway University, Malaysia. Perry has lived and worked in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia. The main focus of Perry’s academic background has been in hospitality and tourism marketing, and the constant underlying theme of his career has been internationalisation.

Kate Cooper is Head of Research, Policy & Standards at the Institute of Leadership & Management. Kate is also a researcher, commentator, lecturer, Forbes blogger, Virtual Keynote Speaker, and is passionately committed to inspiring great leadership everywhere.

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